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KW06 Hand Saw
KW06 Hand Saw
Hand Saws
Product Description

JETWISE Toothing

  • Each tooth is individually process by CNC machining.
  • Precision diamond ground teeth for razor sharp cutting.
  • 3 side sharpened cutting edges on each tooth which cut wood fiber faster and cleaner.
  • Suitable for both rip or cross cut applications.
  • Cuts much faster than conventional punched teeth.
  • Provides clean and smooth cutting performance.

Impulse Hardening

  • Tooth tip is heated by ultra high frequency.
  • Designed zone is heated and hardened in a very short time.
  • Hardened area is only at cutting edge around each tooth, softer core avoids tooth breakage.
  • Above HRC63 (HV780) hardness can be easily achieved.
  • Impulse hardened teeth provide longer blade-life, no resharpening required.


  • Concerned about the rapid loss of rainforest around the world. K&W has been trying to find a substitute material to educe natural wood usage on saw handle. With ergonomics in mind and computer aided design(CAD), a new series of handle has been developed and is named "DUALGRIP".
  • DURLGRIPTM handle is constructed of one hard material in the core and overmoulded with another soft material whilst the hard material gives the handle strong and durable structure in the core.
  • The soft material provided comfortable grip of the saw in either dry or web conditions.
Item No.SizeTeeth FinishPhoto
KW06-6016 400 16 Three side
sharpened teeth
KW06-6018 450 18
KW06-6020 500 20
KW06-6022 550 22
KW06-6024 600 24
Plastic Handle
Item No.SizeTeeth FinishPhoto
KW06-0014 350 14 Normal
KW06-0016 400 16
KW06-0018 450 18
KW06-0020 500 20
KW06-0022 550 22
KW06-0024 600 24
KW06-0026 650 26
KW06-1014 350 14 Filed
KW06-1016 400 16
KW06-1018 450 18
KW06-1020 500 20
KW06-1022 550 22
KW06-1024 600 24
KW06-1026 650 26