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Diamond Drill Bits
Diamond Drill Bits
Diamond Drill Bits
Product Description
  • British technology.
  • Patented automatic core ejection.
  • Patented reverse spiral lubrication system.
  • New patented diamond coating producing an exceptional fine finish.
  • Precise graded diamonds with a new metal / diamond bond for faster cutting, longer lifetime and much less vibration.
  • D-Power products are used on cutting for hard tile, artificial granite, granite, porcelain, porcelain stoneware, marble, terra cotta ceramic, glazed ceramic, quartz brick, glass and porcelain tile.
Item No.Diameter
KW25-205 5 3/16
KW25-206 6  --
KW25-2C6 6.5 1/4
KW25-207 7 9/32
KW25-208 8 5/16
KW25-2C8 9.5 3/8
KW25-210 10 3/8
KW25-212 12  --
KW25-2C1 12.7 1/2
KW25-215 15 5/8
KW25-220 20 25/32
KW25-225 25 1

Drilling Instruction

Water must be used in whole process to prevent the drill from over heating.

Drilling without water as a lubricant will significantly shorten the product life.
Raise the drill to the vertical position and continue drilling.
When the hole is completed, the core will be automatically ejected.
The hole is accurate with fine finish.